Artists participating

A group presentation of works by ,Soheila Haghigha

The Color of Life

I was born, perhaps , unnecessarily, and grew up as others wanted me to.
But one day, I was awash in beautiful colors and swept away: turquoise blue, ultramarine, raw sienna, red, Payne's gray, and green. They elicited a stirring deep within me and shaped my life. I awakened and my hands were saturated in every color. From that day, painting became my life.

The current collection, in continuation of my exhibition of two years ago, observes some of our fellow human beings. It seems that all of them are preoccupied only with themselves, disengaged from the chaos of the world. Do you recognize them? Their faces are blurred, but yet they expect us to perceive their presence and not ignore them.

As Lucian Freud, the painter (and in my opinion philosopher) says, “If a painting is meant to make an impression, it shall not just remind us of life. It should have a life of its own to reflect the life”.


Installation Views