The Moonlight Laughed At Her Face

Artists participating

A group presentation of works by ,Niusha Abed


The moonlight laughed at her face

What is more beautiful than light?
What is more generous than light?
She is the one who causes seeing, she is the one who exists and does everything. She is the one who doesn't show off! It has neither color nor shape, but the reddest, the blackest, the bluest, the most square, the most triangular, and... thousands of other examples are given to its existence.
Therefore, the beauty of light is not in her, but in her effects.
The images of the leading display deal with this environment.
Be it feminine and delicate or abstract and geometric, none of them are the source of ambient light, but all of them are found through the darkness.

° Taken from a poem by Forough Farrokhzad

 The Moonlight Laughed At Her Face

Installation Views