The Other

Artists participating

A group presentation of works by ,Farhad Rezaei,Kamran Moshkzad,Mehrzad Laali,Mojtaba Ramzi,Paridokht Moshkzad,Seyed Mohhamadsadegh Mousav


The Other

In the field of reason, the word "other" evolves into various descriptions.

The "other" sometimes means "other than oneself", other times the definition of "being" or even describes the hidden part of "oneself".

As if the "other" is a spark amidst the dark room of our self-knowledge, able to transform into pervasive flame and light, revealing hidden angles of the mind, in the words of Bakhtin:

"Our understanding of something is based on its relationship with another."

Derrida emphasizes any system (whether language, individual identity in one's name, etc.) is meaningless without the placement of "other and self".

The "other' is ever present within itself, and individuality or individual identity, is an impossible abstract concept without its arrangement.

 The Other

Installation Views