Ahmad Mohammadpour

Ahmad Mohammadpour

Date of birth :July 26; 1965
Place of birth :Babolsar

Graduated from iranian calligraphers associatio
Holder of Artistic first degree medallion from ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance 2009
Professor at shared Rajayee university
Teaching at Tehran universities and cultural and Artistic centers

  • acrylic on canvas, 90*160 cm
    acrylic on canvas, 90*160 cm


1)great exhibition of holly quran by iranian calligraphers ;Paris mosque (France) 2002
2)International conference of Islamic world calligraphy (Gorleston palace) 2002
3)The first modernist calligraphy exhibition;khial art gallery (modernist calligraphers joint) 2004
4)Exhibition of calligraphy week in Islamic art museum (Tehran) 2009
5)Congress for commemoration of Miremad Ghazvin (2010)
6)Joint exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Sareban gallery( 2010)
7)Joint exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Iran at Art center (2011)
8)The exhibition of half of century painting _calligraphy in Iran, contemporary arts museum (2011)
9)The fourth of sharja international festival artists in (2011)
10)Group exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Paradise Mellat gallery
11)The fifth of international festival artists sharja (2011)
12)The second international biennial of calligraphy (The masters)
13)Group exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Seihoon gallery (2013)
14)Group exhibition of painting _calligraphy in the middle East gallery (2013)
15)Joint exhibition of calligraphy by iranian artists _Nicolas Flamel gallery, Paris, (2013)
16) Art auctions in haft negah (seven glance) gallery. 2012,2013, 2014
17) Joint exhibition of art in Iran and Turkey, Turkey museum
18)museum Malaysia Haft Award(Seven Works)(2013)


1)Seihoon gallery 1991
2)Seihoon gallery 1993
3)Seihoon gallery 2007
4)Fine arts faculty of Khartoum (Sudan) 2001
5)Ramada hotel of Doha Qatar by cooperation of UNESCO and cultural consultant of IRAN in Qatar (2002)
6)Albada 'cultural center of Doha (2002)
7)Exhibition of Quran calligraphy in Turkey, Ankara (2003)
8)Bait Mazaneh gallery of Muscat, Oman (2007)
9)Visual arts association forum, Muscat Oman (2007)
10) participate in exhibition of Islamic countries in Abu Dhabi  (2007)
11)Individual exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Iran Vali gallery (2010)
12)Individual exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Iran Vali gallery (2011)
Individual exhibition of painting _calligraphy in Iran Vali gallery (2013)
13)Quran exhibition in the mirror of art Kazakhstan, (national museum) (2011)
14)Tehran auction, modern and contemporary art of IRAN (2013), (2015)
15)Art and culture of IRAN, national Roman museum (2015)