Soheila Haghighat

Soheila Haghighat

Soheila Haghighat(Dowlatabadi) was born in Isfahan,Iran. She studied traditional arts at Pardis Faculty of Arts in Isfahan and Al-Zahra University in Tehran and graduated in 1989. 
She wrote her thesis on the subject of Arts of Armenian Iranians.  
After graduation she worked and researched in different branches of Iranian traditional arts such as embossing , pottery , illumination , glass blowing , textile arts, natural dyes and carpet designing.She also pursued her interest in photography. 
Since 1992 She has devoted her time to painting and teaching.She first used watercolors and painted people and scenery. Later on she used acrylic for her abstract figurative paintings , mainly depicting the feelings and sensibilities of Iranian women. Her individual exhibition in 2005 had the theme of "the place of women in the Iranian society". 
Soheila Haghighat is member of the Society of Iranian Painters , member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, member of the  Caroun Paint Club ( CPaC) and member of Caroun Photo Club ( CPC).Her paintings have been shown in ten individual and fifity two group exhibitions in Iran and four group exhibitions abroad, two in New York and Houston ( Echoes in Blue), one on the occasion of World Women's Day in Istanbul,Turkey and one in Seoul,South Korea

  • soheilahaghighat
  • acrylic on canvas, 100*100 cm
    acrylic on canvas, 100*100 cm


Individual Exhibitions:  
     Keyhan Gallery.Tehran, August 1995  
     Vali Gallery.Tehran,December 1996  
     Seyhoon Gallery.Tehran,October 1997 
     Seyhoon Gallery.Tehran,May 1999 
     Seyhoon Gallery.Tehran,October 2000  
     Golestan Gallery.Tehran,September 2003  
     Golestan Gallery.Tehran,December 2005  
     Day Gallery.Tehran,November 2007  
     Seyhoon Gallery.Tehran,October 2011  
     Vali Gallery.Alone Among The Others .Tehran,December 2014  

    Group Exhibitions in Iran: 
     Golrizan, Society for Protection of Hemophilia Patients.Tehran,August 1997  
     Vali Gallery.Tehran,March 1997  
     Vali Gallery.Tehran,April 1997  
     Vali Gallery.Tehran,April 1997  
     Niavaran Cultural Center, The Fourth Exhibition of Iranian Women's Paintings .Tehran,October 1997  
     Sadabad Gallery, Society for Protection of Children Suffering from Cancer.Tehran,November 1997 
     Seyhoon Gallery,Society for Protection of Children's Rights.Tehran,November1997  
     Painters Exhibition to support The Mayor of Tehran. Tehran,August 1997  
     Exhibition to support Imam Ali Charity.Tehran 1997  
     Seyhoon Gallery, Society for Protection of Children's Rights. Tehran,April 1998 
     Seyhoon Gallery, Exhibition in Support of M.S. Charity.Tehran,June 1999  
     Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts.Tehran,October 1999  
     Banafshe Gallery.Tehran, January 2002  
     Golestan Gallery,100 Paintings and 100 Painters. Tehran,August 2003  
     Niavaran Gallery.Tehran, November 2003  
     Iranian Artists Organization.Tehran,August 2004  
     Golestan Gallery, 100 Paintings and 100 Painters.Tehran,August 2004  
     Laleh Gallery.Tehran November 2004  
     Vahdat Gallery,The First Tehran Art Expo. Tehran,October 2004  
     Golestan Gallery ,100 Paintings and 100 Painters.Tehran,August 2005 
     Ershad Gallery .Sanandaj,November 2005  
     Niavaran Gallery ,World Peace Exhibition.Tehran,April 2006  
     Contemporary Art Museum .Isfahan,June 2006  
     Baran Gallery. Tehran June 2006  
     Golestan Gallery ,100 Paintings and 100 Painters .Tehran,July 2007  
     Bahman Cultural Center .Tehran,August 2007  
     Sadabad Art Gallery .Tehran,November 2007  
     Niavaran Gallery, Seven Visions.Tehran,February 2008 
     The Great Painting Exhibition,Society of Iranian Painters .Tehran, May 2008  
     Niavaran Palace,Blue Gallery , Charity to support Children Suffering from Cancer .Tehran, June 2008  
     Golestan Gallery ,100 Paintings and 100 Painters .Tehran,Aug 2008  
     ids orphanf .Tehran, 2008  
     Vahdat hall ,Tehran art expo.Tehran, 2008  
     Mellat Gallery ,Green Colors.Tehran, 2009  
     Khane Honarmandan Iran(july 15-july 27).Tehran, 2010  
     Khane Honarmandan Iran(November 25- December 10).Tehran, 2010  
     Hoze honari ostan fars(December 2-December16).Tehran, 2010  
     Contemporary Art Museum .Isfahan,may-1th-2011 until jun-1th-2011 
     Khane Honarmandan Iran(June 19- June 29).Tehran, 2011  
     Niavaran Gallery, Seven Visions.Tehran,May 2012 
     Painting Shop,Association Of Painters and Cultural and Art Institute.Tehran,May 2012 
     Contemporary Art Museum .Isfahan,2012  
     Fourth Exihibition of contemporary Artists Inaid of cancer Patients of Daheshpour Charity Organization. Tehran,2012  
     Association Of Painters and Cultural and Art Institute. In Support of Iranian Leopard , Miras parsian wild beast Society ,Tehran,2012 
     Iranian Painter Women with support of Association Of Iranian , Painters,Khane Honarmandan Iran(2013).Tehran, 2013  
     Niavaran Gallery, Seven Visions.Tehran, OCT 25th - NOV 4 , 2013 
     Azad Gallery, The Portrait Exihibition of women Artists. Tehran,2014 
     Dey Gallery, From the past until tomorrow. Tehran,2014 
     Haftan Gallery, Group Painting Exhibition. Tehran,2014 
     The forth exhibition of small paintings,Arya gallery. Tehran,2014 
     Exhibition of some Association Of Iranian Painters's members,Eyvan e Sepid cultural Institute. Tehran,2014 
     Annual saling of painting and Sculpture,Association Of Iranian Painters. Tehran,2014 

    Group Exhibitions Abroad: 
     National Arts Club, Echoes in Blue.New York, April 2003  
     Williams Tower Gallery,Echoes in Blue.Houston,Texas,November 2003  
     Pera Sanat Gallery.Istanbul.Turkey,March 2006  
     Korea Foundation Cultural Center.Seoul,South Korea,July 2007